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biocycle revolutionizes the care of your green spaces

The First System designed for 360° care of the garden and outdoor spaces: it vacuums on every surface and vacuum-packs the leaves.

Vacuums the Leaves

Sucks up the leaves with its powerful brushless motor.

Packages the leaves in compostable bags, ready for transport.

Vacuum-Packs Them

It's Also a Blowe

Switch from leaf vacuum to blower in a flash, without the need for tools.

Rechargeable broom designed for outdoor use with great battery life.

It's an Outdoor Broom


Designed for those with green spaces.

By those who love nature.

We've studied the needs of those who care for their outdoor spaces and translated them into innovation and advanced performance.

Because less time spent cleaning the garden means more time for you and to enjoy it with the ones you love.

Nantoo is part of the Leafcycle project.

We transform leaves from waste to resource.


In our commitment to a greener world, Nantoo is proud to participate in the Leafcycle project.

Our mission? To rethink the concept of waste.

With Leafcycle, leaves are no longer just debris to be discarded but valuable resources to be cherished.

From waste to regeneration, with Nantoo and Leafcycle, every leaf matters.


Welcome to the Future of Outdoor Cleaning.

Discover our innovation.

sistema dinamico.png

The All-in-One for your garden

A universal core and many accessories with exclusive features for 360° care of your garden.

sacchi compostabili.png

In less space and in less time

Thanks to the revolutionary vacuum function, Biocycle compresses leaves, reducing their volume by 90%.

SI 1 (2).png

Performance without compromises

Ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to handle, it transforms garden maintenance into an effortless activity.

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