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Leaves, No Longer a Problem but a Resource

Collecting Leaves is a Challenge.

Both for your garden and for your city.

In today's urban context, leaves have increasingly become a problem.

They clog drains and channels, posing not only a maintenance burden but also an inconvenience for daily city dwellers.

Their often labor-intensive collection has led many to opt for drastic solutions like burning, exacerbating environmental impacts further.

With Biocycle, we've revolutionized the collection process, making it simple and efficient.

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They are often burned on-site, despite it being dangerous and prohibited due to its polluting nature.

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placed in "black bags" they are downgraded from a resource to an undifferentiated waste

Having solved the collection problem, one question remained.

Now that the leaves are collected, what do we do with them?

The answer might surprise you: leaves are not waste, but rather resources waiting to be utilized.

In a household context, they can become a crucial ingredient for compost, enriching your garden's soil and supporting plant growth.

But that's not all. Recent technological innovations have opened new horizons for us: we can now transform leaves into high-value molecules, leveraging their natural essence in ways previously unimaginable.

With Nantoo, we are exploring all these possibilities, as part of the Leafcycle project.

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From the leaves we can extract molecules for chemistry and pharmaceuticals
The leaves become compost, materials for construction and industry.

Nantoo is a part of LeafCycle, the first supply chain that transforms leaves from waste to resource.

In the current environmental context, reimagining waste as resources is vital. With this vision, Nantoo has chosen to actively participate in LeafCycle, the first supply chain dedicated to turning leaves from mere waste into a valuable asset.

This chain is not just an ambitious project; it's a coalition of excellences.

By bringing together leading research institutions and industry frontrunners in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and paper sectors, LeafCycle stands at the forefront of sustainability and innovation.

Nantoo plays a pivotal role: with Biocycle, we streamline and optimize leaf collection, making it not just efficient but also sustainable.

This essential first step unlocks all the potential that the LeafCycle supply chain can unleash, heralding a new era in the valorization of plant waste.

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From leaves to paper and cellulose with zero trees felled!

With LeafCycle, the first supply chain for leaf collection and transformation is born. In this way, you contribute to creating paper, packaging, and innovative products from the cellulose of leaves while preserving plants.


interesting, right?

You too can be part of this revolution. 

Stay in touch to discover all the news from the world of Nantoo and LeafCycle.

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