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Green Revolution: The Technology You've Been Waiting For

A technological core that adapts to your needs simply by connecting accessories.

Our core is powered by an advanced brushless motor and a lithium battery, striking a perfect balance between high performance and lightness.

This combination ensures powerful yet agile operation, ideal for all outdoor needs.


Paired with tool-free interchangeable accessories, you get a system capable of expertly handling every challenge your garden presents.

sistema dinamico.png

Dynamic system with accessories

icona-90% 2.png

Patented airless technology

SI 6 (2).png

Powerful and ergonomic


1m of leaves



eliminates 90% of the volume


the first System that reduces the volume of leaves and packages them

Biocycle not only reduces the volume of the leaves, but also packages them, making management and disposal more efficient and sustainable.

HP 1 (4).png

vacuums, grinds, compacts airlessly, and packages in one single step

HP 4 (3).png

sealed compostable bags for fast, clean transport and optimal composting​

HP 3 (3).png

stackable bags to reduce the number of trips and environmental impact

Three Configurations, Endless Possibilities.

Discover the three configurations of Biocycle, designed to meet various needs and always ensure the right solution for your garden.

But it doesn't stop there: with the option to purchase additional accessories later on, Biocycle is not just a product, but a long-term investment.

It evolves and grows based on your needs, ensuring flexibility and versatility at every step.


for collection, transport, and recycling of leaves

for cleaning balconies, terraces, and outdoor areas

the complete solution for the care of gardens and outdoor areas


Cutting-Edge Specifications for the Gardening of Tomorrow


Interchangeable Accessories

Brushless Motor

Rechargeable Battery

We've invested years and significant resources to redefine every aspect of outdoor cleaning.

With Biocycle, we've achieved the perfect balance between power, lightness, and versatility.

The brushless motor ensures unparalleled performance, while the long-lasting lithium battery promises durability and reliability.

The revolutionary vacuum technology reimagines the management of collected leaves, making it efficient and sustainable.

And with easily interchangeable accessories that don't require any tools, every challenge becomes intuitive.

Biocycle isn't just a product: it's the future of outdoor cleaning, reimagined from the ground up, without compromises.


Compostable Bags


Volume Reduction

Ready to tackle any challenge!


Nantoo: the Startup that revolutionizes outdoor cleaning

Join the Revolution! Discover how we're changing the face of green space care and become a part of our sustainable vision.

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